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WP User Profiles

This plugin allows you to completely replace the “Your Profile” and “Edit User” screens in your WordPress administration area. When editing a user’s profile through WordPress while this plugin is active, all of the original fields are separated into several logical sections, resulting in a better experience for both users and administrators.


The following sections are available by default:

  • Profile

    The profile section is where fields like “Name”, “Biography”, and various contact information is located. It implements all of the traditional WordPress actions & filters, so everything works exactly like WordPress normally would.

  • Account

    The account section is where fields like “Email Address”, “Password”, and “Language” are located. It also integrates with user-sessions, allowing users to log themselves out of all devices.

  • Options

    The options section is where user preferences¬†like “Color Scheme” and editor behaviors are located.

  • Permissions

    The permissions section is where roles and capabilities are located. If WordPress is in multisite mode, you can easily see all sites a user belongs to here.

  • Sites (Multisite Only)

    The sites section is where the primary site of a user can be set. It also provides quick and easy navigating between each of the sites a user belongs to.

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  • Multisite, User-Dashboard Ready
  • BuddyPress & bbPress Ready
  • Supports All Native Profile Fields
  • Easy to Extend