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WP User Activity

Activity can be sorted, filtered, and viewed per-user, along with session data for logged in users and IP addresses & user-agents for others.

Activity is divided¬†into object “Types” and “Actions.” Types are the objects being acted upon, and actions are what is being done to them. If you’re familiar with BuddyPress, this should feel pretty comfortable.

Available Actions

  • Attachments (Upload, Edit, Delete)
  • Comments (Create, Pending, Approve, Unaprove, Trash, Untrash, Spam, Unspam, Delete)
  • Core (Update, Auto-update)
  • Exports (Download)
  • Menus (Create, Update, Delete)
  • Plugins (Install, Update, Activate, Deactivate, Edit, Delete)
  • Posts (Create, Update, Delete, Trash, Untrash, Spam, Unspam, Future)
  • Settings (Update)
  • Terms (Create, Update, Delete)
  • Themes (Customize, Install, Update, Activate, Edit, Delete)
  • Users (Login, Login Failure, Logout, Register, Update, Delete)
  • Widgets (Update, Delete)

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  • Logs all user activity in a site
  • Works great with User Profiles
  • Integrates with Custom Post Types