WP User Groups 2.0.0

Today I’m excited to announce the 2.0.0 release of the WP User Groups plugin for WordPress. This release fixes a few small bugs, and introduces a feature option that allows groups to be user-exclusive, meaning that a user can only be a member of 1 of the groups in that taxonomy.

This feature is great for user demographics, where it’s generally not possible for them to overlap into more than one at any one specific time. It’s great for groupings like: sex, job title, department, relationship status, and so on.

This feature was requested via GitHub, and the simplicity of this plugin made super easy to add. Pretty neat!

2.0.0 is a free upgrade for all existing WP User Groups customers. If you aren’t a customer yet, please consider becoming one! Customers receive members-only access to priority support forums, where I’m available to help you extend all of the plugins sold here. šŸŽ©

Check out WP User Groups!

The WP User Groups plugin is a lightweight and simple-to-use way to group users with one-another. It uses the WordPress Taxonomy API to let you tag users into Groups and Types.

It’s available now in the plugins directory, and also comes packaged in the User Bundle.

WP User Groups

Coming this week…

The following plugins are on deckĀ to be added this week:

  • WP Term Colors – Give Caterogies & Tags colors, to visually separate them from each other
  • WP Term Images – Give Categories & Tags an image, to help them be instantly identifiable

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