Plugins Loaded offers WordPress Plugins of the finest caliber, from long-term WordPress core contributor, security team member, and admin, John James Jacoby.

Access to reliable and trustworthy WordPress plugins is critically important to the future success of WordPress as a platform. Things like embedded add-on stores with annual license keys is a poor user experience. It’s death by a thousand tiny cuts.

Plugins Loaded is my way of building a better WordPress one plugin at a time, and letting you decide how important each new feature is by opting in to monetarily supporting it.

All plugins for sale here are also available for free, forever, on If you find them valuable, or resell a website or package that bundles something from one of them, please consider purchasing a copy to support it’s continued development.

These plugins are designed to be safely dropped in and deployed to active WordPress sites without any setup or activation beyond activating the plugins themselves. If additional setup is necessary, the plugin will gently guide you and warn you if something is incomplete.

They will never nag you to update or upgrade to “Pro” versions. They will not add Licensing screens or embedded add-on store areas. They seamlessly integrate with all of the various hooks and features that WordPress offers up to them, as if it was just meant to be.

Thank you for your interest, and I hope you enjoy my plugins. 💜