Plugins Loaded offers WordPress Plugins of the finest caliber, from long-term WordPress core contributor, security team member, and admin, John James Jacoby.

It’s is an attempt to build a better WordPress one plugin at a time, by letting you decide how important each plugin is to you by supporting it monetarily.

Most plugins here are also available for free on, but if you find them as valuable as they are useful, or you resell a package or website that uses something from here, I hope that you’ll consider supporting it’s continued development.

These plugins are designed to be effortlessly activated and deployed to any type of WordPress site without additional configuration beyond activating the plugins themselves. If additional setup is necessary, only users with the activate_plugins capability as part of their user role will be gently guided towards what needs attention.

These plugins will never nag you to update or upgrade to “Pro” versions. They will not add licensing screens or add-on store areas. They will seamlessly integrate with all of the various hooks and features that WordPress offers as if it was just meant to be.

Thank you for your interest, and I know you will enjoy my plugins. 💜